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The Role of Management in Nation Building


Half of the Rs 72,000 crores of uncollected bank advances could have been initially avoided had there been an insistence on Management Training for aspiring entrepreneurs. Every field needs experience. The thousands of crores of funds thrown away on young men of inexperience form the foundational basis for acquiring that rare experience. Very few people realize the value of organised management knowledge in entrepreneurs, as they recognize the value of capital. All the bank managers who have lost their advances now sorely know the truth of this.

Twenty years ago or at the dawn of Independence, who could have imagined institutes for teaching English or fitness centres to trim one's muscles in this number? They are multiplying rapidly. One is of extreme value for health and the other will further anyone in business outside his state.

We observe cultured families readily availing of the new by opening opportunities because their culture is really a greater psychological ORGANISATION. Hence, the other sections of the population eagerly imitate them even in speech. Management knowledge given to all those in activities of production and insisted upon for all beginners will raise any nation higher. That is a theme close to the heart of every patriot who longs for a Prosperous Motherland.

One aspect of that is the Individual acquiring that inner ORGANISATION of creative spirituality. Its feeble outward expression is productivity that is luck in one's life. Conscious acquiring of capacities of organisation is the best. Next best is to acquire their spiritual values. The basic energy for all such activities comes from the Spirit astir. To reorder our life so that the Spirit of Life - the Psychic Being - emerges in our daily activities is the final consummation of that course.

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