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Luck is Psychological Management


Luck is that power which manages affairs rightly, those affairs which manager's initiative mismanages. Those who are around lucky people know that the Master constantly takes the wrong foolish initiative which all others dread, but somehow things come around and are ultimately successful. They see a FOOL in action and also perceive a FORCE that sets right his conscious folly and, in spite of his initiative, brings success. After some experience, they declare in despair, "What! This fool is lucky while I am not".

Management is a system that dictates the right procedures and ensures right results and, more importantly, prevents human meddling, even if it is from authority. On such occasions, people see and say, Our company is organised, systems are in place, rules are to be obeyed, no one is above LAW and that is the value of our company. Systems take care of production where man can fail. Systems prevent officious human interference. Organisation requires systems, and systems require details of precision. Communication at all levels is paramount. It needs to be received in time, which means punctuality should preside over the entire company. And much more is required.

Man's character is the psychological organisation by which he functions. His values are the Spiritual skills that work the organisation of character. Men of character are men of accomplishment. They are known for their numerous values that are commendable. Character offers high accomplishment. Still it is not Luck. Luck is the protective Spiritual energy enveloping one's character as well as personality to ensure miraculous results life has in store, in spite of stupid human initiatives.

Invocation of Spirit ensures Luck at once, but slowly helps build character and personality in anyone. Spirit makes one see the existence of luck and shows it is not beyond his reach. But what comes in, comes in to consummate the work on hand. It cannot stay. For luck to stay forever, there must be a fabric of personality that retains it. That is character, which is an organisation of inner energies into that fabric.

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