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Spiritual Power of Truth in Ordinary Life


When someone calls me on the phone and another person says I am not at home while I am there, it is a lie. To say I am there is a FACT that is true, but not TRUTH itself. Behind our small family is life outside, the government, the society, life and Nature in succession. All these may be true or false. Behind Nature is God who can only be true and never false. Philosophically, Truth is the outer expression of Sachchidanandam, an objective status.

What have ordinary mortals to do with Sachchidanandam? By espousing Truth do you want MAN to undergo the ordeals of Harischandra? It is not very inviting. Those ordeals can be avoided if Man invokes the Spirit, the Psychic Being. For a person in life and bound by karma, those ordeals are in store. He who invokes the Spirit belongs to a different class and will not be touched by the tribulations of Harischandra. How to know that high, philosophical, Spiritual Truth and how to stand by it?

Nothing is simpler than knowing the True from the false in a work. If the same truth is there in successive layers of existence with no admixture of falsehood at any level, it is Truth, pure and simple. One easily knows such Truth about property, jobs, rights, etc. Such possessions are unassailable; they need no defence of law, argument, etc. If your work is true, your right is true, and the benefit the property received from your work is true, NO force on earth can take it away from you. The property, the job, the right will take initiative to come to you, to be with you. The truth in them will stir in favour of the truthful man.

When an attempt was made to take away the property of a person with unwritten rights to half of it, the whole property came to him. Another who never had any rights or harboured any such claim, but gave the TRUTH of service and support to another property, was offered that property even without claiming it. Truth defends itself; it needs no defence. Only that any defence the society requires must be given as true defence, without being mixed with untruth.

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