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Suffering from Surplus

Money is in surplus in the West. Deposits in banks get an interest of three p.c., in Japan no interest. House mortgages are four-and-half p.c for 30 years, at the end of which it is renewed, which means one need not return the capital but can own his house for less than the market rental value.

Gone are the days when Money is to be deferentially approached by the borrower. Accumulated money seeks the productive user for very low interest.

Organisations have grown in their capacity to generate great wealth, if only they can persuade the user to produce more by taking their capital and repaying part of it. More so, these organisations pursue higher social goals which are beyond the imagination of common people.

To educate a few talented boys is a national service which people know. To help low producers produce more at one's cost is equally a great national service that is hard to believe. Man cannot believe that such service has in it more gratifying benefits than accumulating wealth. The 17 billion dollars Marshall Plan spent on rebuilding Western Europe rewarded USA later with a far greater market. It was a policy of foresight.

Society has matured enough to know it is not in its own interest for some to remain, as permitting an epidemic to linger because eradication of it is expensive. Talented men of proven integrity can get all the capital they need, if they organise themselves into local productivity or district development. Seven hundred years ago, banks came on the scene and produced non-existent Money to render the local population prosperous.

Banks multiply their deposits nine times, says a banking expert. Money is not in short supply for any productive work in India. The required organisation is not yet in place. Even the idea of surplus of money, which is somewhat in vogue in higher financial circles in the world, is not fully appreciated here in India.

There was a time when Man was under the tyranny of a local bully and many incurable diseases and insoluble problems. It is no longer true in the same measure. Paucity of MONEY is a real, felt pressure. The Spirit behind MONEY is willing to wipe it out. Man should emerge out of the fatalism he has long been under and patronise the Spirit within and the Spirit behind everything.

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