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Spiritual Truth in Human Life

BY Karmayogi

For a hungry man, in the words of Gandhiji, a morsel of food is the most valuable TRUTH. The same truth will be a matter of shame for a self-respecting man, if he has to ask for it. The truth in life is the food must be worked for. Spiritually it is far more different. If one is spiritual, he will never suffer for want of food. There is a Spirit in Life which is neither life nor Spirit, but the Spirit evolving in life, as at a first stage mind evolves in life. One who lives by the Spirit in Life will be an abundant source of plentiful FOOD to all who relate to him.

Let me explain what I mean by the Spiritual Truth in human life. Life, human life, is what we know very well. Spirit is the goal of the sannyasi. One who expresses in his life the spiritual values of honesty, integrity, patience, self-giving, etc. seeks after the spiritual truths in human life. A small businessman espousing this ideal will treat his work as sacred. To him, treating the customers honestly is an article of faith, as the customer carries a spirit in him.

Endless expansion is the character of Spiritual energy. The spiritual attitude of life releases Spiritual energy in work. The result is everyone concerned will be happy, enjoying a spiritual ease. As this ensures absence of friction, there will be no problems at all in any walk of his life. Expansiveness attracts expansion on all sides. If all working people are at ease, if there are no problems, if expansive circumstances sail towards them from all over, surely they will enjoy prosperity. It is spiritual prosperity. Our tradition is full of it. Only that it is limited by Karma. When faced with Karma, tradition has learnt to bow to it.

Mother is of the Spirit. She is the Spirit. Karma does not bind the Spirit. One who invokes the Spirit and lives by that finds the truism of life given to us by the tradition not only a valuable support to live successfully, but a dynamic scaffold that will raise us in life without stop. In tomorrow's column I should like to mention some of those cherished truisms.

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