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A man of foresight ensures the outcome before the doing of it. He demands an assurance of his party or the alliance he is in that he would be made the Chief Minister before the elections commence. He fails to get elected as an MLA. Another in renting a house demands he be given the best rooms there. On hiring it, a far more important member arrives and the room goes to him. When we look around us, we see several instances of this description but do not stop to think that there may be a law behind them or this may be a phenomenon.

Each time I go to my sister's house, I see my brother too is there. It surprises me, but I do not go beyond. I bring three or four books from the library but return all of them having read only one of them. Whatever my efforts I am unable to read the second book after finishing the first. It never strikes me that after reading the first book I need, in my scheme of things, an interval of twelve days to start the second one. Nor do I note that just on the 12th day another book, maybe the book I returned to the library, comes on its own to me. Reading is a rhythmic process of mental energy that requires fixed intervals for that energy to gather again.

Indian tradition, of which we are an integral part and which we have forgotten, has given to us the laws behind human and social events as dharma, which is really a Science of Life. We know of life sciences but are not aware of a richer Science of Life. We are shy of recovering it when we get striking glimpses of it, as it smacks of superstition. At best, we categorise them under an obnoxious label KARMA. Surely, karma, as we understand it, is part of what I call Science of Life. It is a treasure the world will definitely discover in the coming decades.

We may take to it if such a knowledge becomes a fashion outside India. We often do and have acted so in the past several decades. Before dismissing every 'superstition' of our past, let us scrutinise it, examine it, study it in detail and then when our rational mind discards it, we can do so with impunity, not before. Otherwise, we will lose, by default, a valuable patrimony.

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