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Darshan in the Subtle Plane

By Karmayogi

The guru appearing in the dream and initiating the sishya has happened many a time. An old freedom fighter who had heard of Bhagavan Sri Aurobindo had a very vivid dream of Him one day. The next morning the radio announced the passing away of Sri Aurobindo. The man started from Salem to Pondicherry determined to have the last darshan, as he felt it was a call of the departing SOUL.

Many devotees, especially women, frequently dream of The Mother or Sri Aurobindo. Such visions occur even in meditation. An estate owner was enjoying his leisure one afternoon while a friend was entertaining him with anecdotes of his own truancy during his school days. On the wall appeared a very distinct purple figure of the Master Sri Aurobindo. On seeing this vision, the owner of the estate, which was in a very tight corner, went towards the wall, fell flat on the ground, made his obeisance and returned to listen to the verbiage.

His estate turned the corner and exactly one year later, it made a name, though it did not become cash rich. The reputation of the estate for efficient labour and excellence in cultivation grew among 500 such sister establishments.

A devotee used to see Sri Aurobindo and The Mother in the sky at a great distance. Years later circumstances compelled him to frequently visit a Public Sector unit over the place in which the visions had appeared. The accumulated loss of that unit was Rs 60 crores, which began to dwindle year after year and traversed along a curve that swung upwards until the profits posted were Rs 60.

Long before something happens, God arrives at that place or on that person. The naked eye is unable to see it, even as a bright boy is not seen by his dull parents as one who holds promise. They understand him by his scores at the exam or his usefulness at home. The subtle vision never fails to discern it. All aspects of the Spirit are subtle. That which man holds sacred is the inner voice that guides, guides unfailingly, if only the mortal mind would pay heed to it.

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