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A Further List of Spiritual Truths in Life

By Karmayogi

* Desire for survival opens a door in life making it possible.

* Truant children can be mended, but surely not according to your pet ideas.

* Greatness of faith is seen as light in the feet.

8 There is no greater source of luck than one rooted in Spirit.

* Mind should grow in humility expressing it in the body's submissiveness.

* The straight path is the illumined one.

* Arrogance erodes spiritual treasure.

* When great men seek you, do not attribute it to your own greatness.

* When the highest moves towards you, do not activate the lowest in you.

* The closest persons need not be angels; they can be incarnate devils.

* Intimacy does not ensure integrity; it may be integrated sin. Examine closely.

* No height is barred for honest capacity. v Accepting only Truth makes work take wings.

* Having known Mother, you can't be away from luck.

* Constant GOODWILL attracts luck from all sides. v Constant remembrance of Mother is unfailing consecration.

* One cannot escape luck, if in his heart he wishes others well.

* Mother becomes Luck in the SOUL when your heart swells at others' success.

* The idea of an important disciple ends in betraying the Guru.

* Compelling ritual contains obstacles at every turn.

* Accomplishment through secrecy is like the illiterate's ambition to be a writer.

* Mother's entry into a hut transforms the hut into a mansion.

* What enters as Grace goes out of man as Love.

* Receive Love and express it as Luck.

* We say ‘Mother's Grace'. Mother is GRACE.

* Truthfulness of a devotee to you is Supergrace.

* Passive knowledge never fulfils itself.

* Scarcity is the desire NOT to see the abundance around.

* Humility is the rich fullness of inner life of Truth and Peace.

* The Origin and End is MOTHER.

* The world thinks of you as you think of yourself inwardly.

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