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Failure Leads to Greater Success

Failure and success are one of the many twins or dualities in life. No one can claim that he would never fail. Nor can a man report that he has always faced only failure. The proportion of failure and success varies, but it is a law of life that both will be invariably present. Of course, we appreciate a greater measure of success. A proverb speaks of two successes in five attempts.

Laws change or change their content as we rise in the scale of life. Government employees are given a certain number of days as casual leave. When one enters the Cabinet the rule is somewhat different. It is he who chooses his working days according to the needs of work. The banker lends money to the needy, but with those who need no credit, he seeks deposits. The character of life changes the character of laws.

When two contending parties go to court, one succeeds and the other has to fail. But, for the judge there is no failure or success. His duty is to give his judgement on the plaint. Life can be considered as a graded existence from low to high with an average in the middle. Below the average level, one alternates between success and failure. Above the average, one has no failure. There is only small success leading to greater success.

The one who invokes the Spirit ushers himself into a life of that description. In such cases, failure in one attempt clearly means a greater success.

One who failed to get a dealership for a product ended up as the director of the company that produced it. A boy who was rejected by three banks to which he applied for a clerkship, secured the officer post in a bigger bank.

When the local land mortgage bank received an application for a loan of Rs 25,000, it was reluctant to sanction it. A nationalized bank took the papers from that bank as it sanctioned Rs 1,50,000. I talk of Spirit in life, not spiritual life. If you seek that and meet with failures, KNOW something more wonderful awaits you.

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