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Greater Mastery of Human Life


When the ancient authority of the Upanishads had refused us the right to question the ONE, which Sri Aurobindo endorses, a question arises in our minds about how He answers that question. The highest instrument of Man is mind, whose vision is partial. Mind can see the ONE. It can also see the Many. Mind has no faculty to see both simultaneously. He rose above the Mind, reached Supermind, which is capable of a total vision. In The Life Divine, Sri Aurobindo explains His spiritual vision describing how the ONE evolved into the Many by the instrumentation of Supermind.

Let me try to catch the essence of it that directly applies to human life through an analogy. We human beings live in Time which is bound by the laws of Karma. Hence our life at every turn faces a limitation. The Rishi moves into the plane of Timelessness which is limitless on all sides. But the Rishi is one who gives up life. Sri Aurobindo explains that there is one more dimension of Time apart from Time and Timelessness. He calls it the co-existence of Time and Timelessness. To us it means living our human life by the high standard of the Rishi. To put it simply, Man choosing to live by utter truthfulness will be in that third dimension of Time.

People in business are practical persons readily adjusting to the changing social environment. How can they ever dream of a TRUTHFUL life. A few took to the idea and tried their very best. One has a small business submerged in debts and harassed by every circumstance. The other has a business of a few crores beset with all the possible problems of business. It was not easy for me to give this idea to them. Nor did they readily take to it. Weeks passed into months After so many frustrating messages one day I learnt the small businessman had received a big order of one crore of rupees. A week earlier, the other had received an order about ten times his turnover. It gives immediate relief from unbearable pressure and opens up faith in the practical power of TRUTH. Truth is no mere concept, but a POWER to lift man out of the morass he is in when he cherishes it.

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