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Incommunicable JOY

Often we feel a new emotion which we are unable to express. We try our best and fail saying, “Well, one has to experience it for oneself. It is inexpressible.” How can you explain the taste of an Indian sweet to a foreigner? Those who realised Brahman said it is ineffable. They added that one who had realised it could not express it. If one explains Brahman, we can be sure he had not experienced it. Life is full of such experiences that are not communicable.

Sachchidananda is Parabrahman. We understand it has three aspects. The third aspect is Ananda or Bliss. Beauty rules human imagination because the mind that sees Ananda does not see it as Ananda, but feels it as Beauty. For Mind is one that sees FORMS. So, Ananda reveals to the Mind in the Form of Beauty. The same Ananda becomes Love when it lands on the soul. To the nervous sensation, Ananda is JOY. It is incommunicable, as the other person to whom you seek to convey it has no previous experience that can serve as a reference. Hence, it remains inexpressible or ineffable.

As elsewhere, when the Spirit is evoked the atmosphere changes. Ananda is Bliss when it is static; it is Delight when it is active. With the Spirit on the surface, Bliss changes into Delight. The evolving Spirit, the Psychic Being, is infectious. It is not incommunicable, as the other person FEELS it when you feel it. Though you do not find words to explain, the vibration of Joy communicates itself and the other person says.” Yes, I do understand what you mean.”

It is true it is not communicable in words, but it is equally true that the JOY felt in your nerves reaches the other person without words. In our life, when we evoke the Spirit, though we do not know what happens, the results issue. Life is content with the results. It is possible for us to know the process of the Spirit expressing itself so that one can invoke it at will.

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