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Profits in a Small Business


Someone had earned a good reputation in making pickles. His outlook was service. He initiated several people into the same business. He had fostered competition instead of fighting it. A few decades ago, he was making a handsome monthly income from it. On meeting someone and discussing about his business he heard, “Your present profits can be doubled.” Being enamoured of the proposal, he engaged her in the hope of increasing his present annual profit of one lakh of rupees.

Spirit is a high aspect of life or business. When the Spirit is released into play, it can always work wonders. Doubling the present profits is a small goal, the tiniest of goals in expanding a business. We hear of soap makers, powder producers, bathi rollers, etc. sometimes expanding their work phenomenally. When everyone sells locally keeping the scope within 10 or 20 lakhs, we see a talented entrepreneur rising to several crores and even reaching several hundred crores. True expansion in a business is the expansion in sales. Before attempting to create a model sales organisation as a primary unit, which can be multiplied over Time and Space, there are innumerable small but significant things one can do. So she started with the idea of avoiding waste. She saw several hundred rupees could be saved every day.

Launching the plan, she discussed the idea with the owner. “I am here for 15 years. I am an expert in every aspect of the trade. Rs 100 is a big sum to be saved everyday. It is not possible,” said he. She returned to her place. His manager was absent for a month. On her subsequent visit the owner admitted, “It is really surprising to see for myself. During the absence of my manager, I have done all that you told me. I saved Rs 1000 per day. I could not believe it!” She mentally calculated what this one thousand rupees a day worked out to for the year. Once a person is a success and earns a reputation, that OPINION prevents him from exploring the real possibilities in the work. The possibilities are limitless.

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