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Pieces of Good Fortune Come Together


It is a common experience of those who are in luck to see the phenomenon of several GOOD things happening one after the other. At such times people say, " These things are happening in quick succession, each one of them is more than a miracle. Even if it is written as fiction, no one will believe it. Why, I myself will not believe it. Life is too good to believe." This is a truth very well known to the world, but it is known as 'misfortunes do not come singly'. There is a Tamil proverb that just echoes this idea.

Sri Aurobindo called His magnum opus "The Life Divine". That work contains ALL such Truths as yogic principles. It is our misfortune that this book is not widely read or its ideas comprehended. Shakespeare's works contain all the universal truths of life even as the Mahabharatha does. Life was NEGATIVE in Shakespeare's time. Therefore, his best works were tragedies. After 1956 when the Supramental Force has descended into the subtle atmosphere of the earth, life has become positive in potential. The positive nature of life is not there on its surface as a Power of Life for us to readily draw upon. One who invokes the Spirit converts the potential into actual power.

In comedies, we read the ending which solves all the problems raised in the story. Sometimes critics call it a fairy tale ending. Whatever happens - good or bad - does not happen singly. It comes in bunches, in quick succession as if Fortune in determined to make one lucky. Sri Aurobindo explains this phenomenon as absence of waste in Nature. Nature, He says works on several things at once, which appear as waste to us. But the work of Nature is occult to our naked eyes. When the time comes, we see one item is completed. That is followed by all the other items of work Nature was working on. He who invokes the Spirit can witness that phenomenon in his life. A lady celebrated two weddings for two of her daughters, raised her income fivefold, and sent both the daughters to USA, all in about a year.

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