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The Children of The Mother


The future belongs to Spirituality, not religion, says The Mother. The time of religion is over according to Her. Religion is many following the inspiration of one enlightened person. Spirituality is each one seeking his own illumination. As Protestantism removed the priest between Man and God, Spirituality will enable each man to seek his own God, seated inside.

The Mother was in
Japanduring the First World War. She recorded her Prayers and Meditations everyday, which was later published. As a preface to that publication, She wrote that there are those who give their souls to God, and others who give their work. Some give their wealth. A few others give their lives to the Divine. There are the rare few who give their souls, wealth, work and lives to the Divine. They alone are the true children of The Mother and all others are valueless ciphers for the Divine Work.

In Her scale of values, it may be impossible for us to become even valueless ciphers. Why? Is She a taskmaster and a disciplinarian? When
China threatens the borders of India, the Indian leader needs nerves of iron and can no longer indulge in the luxury of non-alignment. Not all people can lead a nation in war. Divine Work embraces the universe where one has to organise new ways of life suited to the Higher Consciousness. For that, one cannot be attached to his work or life. Therefore, SHE laid down Her requirement but never persuaded anyone to take to it.

In Her Agenda She describes the yoga of the body She tried and said how horrible it was. She said She would NOT recommend this yoga to anyone. I ask people to invoke the Spirit for a better life, not for yoga. A life of utter Truthfulness brings one into the atmosphere of Her Force that is active on earth since 1956. She said that that Force had organised itself in the consciousness of a person. Yoga is for the evolutionary adult. A life of higher consciousness is for the aspirant of Truth in life, where he can express his own higher values.

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