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Human Potentialities and Actualities

Potentialities do not become actualities unless they are organised. What converts the one into the other is the mysterious element called Personality. The sheet anchor of that personality is spiritual values in the body where they have become physical sensitivities. Knowledge raises the mental horizon and widens its scope. Knowledge becomes practical when it turns into an Ideal. The Ideal inspires one to action when the devotion to the Ideal becomes a mental sensitivity.

Mind is capable of only thoughts, and cannot initiate action directly. So, any achievement of the mind is an achievement of spreading the ideal far and wide. It is the vital that is endowed with energy. Energy releases a social movement inspiring the people to extol the Ideal. The movement is more powerful than the mental Ideal. Still a movement by itself cannot achieve. It needs an organisation. An organisation achieves when the organisers have acquired the physical sensitivity for the ideal. Accomplishment is given to the organisation, not the mere ideal or the inspiring movement, though they are essential.

In a nation, what accomplishes is a national organisation dedicated to the Ideal. How can an Individual vastly endowed with rich potentialities convert them into the actualities of his own life? What plays the role of organisation in his life? I said it is his Personality. What energises that Personality is the spiritual values of his physical body. Its accomplishment rises with the rising physical sensitivities for those values. By invoking the Spirit, one witnesses the Silent phenomenon of the Spirit organising his personality, creating the needed sensitivities in his physical consciousness and physical substance. It is the practical GOODNESS of an efficient man of excellent values buried deep in him.

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