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The Leaders of the World

Over a period of a hundred years, the world looked up to London as its
capital. The Britisher had conquered several nations and established an empire on which, it was said, the sun never set. It was political power. To be precise, it was military power. By age-old wisdom, Britain was qualified to rule the world as she was conquered by the Romans, the Vikings, the Germans and even the French.
Today the USA plays that role. This is because she is an economic power. Of course, behind it lies the political and military power. USA is a nation of immigrants. Their adventure into the unknown released enormous amounts of human energies. This is particularly so as these immigrants were not like natives of the soil who evolve a society from scratch. They were drawn to the New World from an accomplished civilisation. That previous accomplishment was in their blood. Hence the intense urge to catch up with the mother countries. For that, they had to initiate themselves at a higher velocity, which by virtue of its own intensity becomes acceleration. After catching up with Europe, that higher speed enabled them to overtake Europe. Europe being the entire world, USA overtook all nations on earth.
It is true that neither military might nor economics can lead the world forever. That is not given to money or the sword. That privilege is given to the Mind. Science is of the Mind when it is seeking after the whole or the ultimate cause. When science branches off at the utilitarian level, Science becomes efficient technology.
The future leadership of the world is not even for the Mind. It goes to the Spirit. Whoever goes after the Spirit will qualify for the leadership of the world. There is a further step. It is not the partial Spirit that seeks to shun life; it is the Spirit that emerges in Life to enrich life spiritually. Material welfare is highly desirable, but a partial aim. Any partial aim will have the other side that troubles. No partial goal can any longer serve the world. The world needs a whole aim or an aim of the whole which will not have side effects or negative fallout. That goal is the Spirit in life, which makes life Life. Spirit in the Mind makes the genius. Spirit in the body gives birth to the yogi. Both are goals of the whole. Let us start with the Spirit in life. The leadership of the world will go to them.

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