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By Karmayogi

On November 24, 1967 when Mother appeared on the terrace to give darsan to Her devotees, She said She saw a benevolent Being smiling on Her from Eternity. Smile is the call of the Infinite to the finite to emerge out of its captivity. The size of the skull reveals the size of the brain it houses. The forehead expresses one's intelligence. The face is the index of the heart. The mouth denotes the hunger of the stomach. Emotions are seen just below the eyes. The eyes are the windows of one's soul. The smile can express the call of one soul to another. At its lowest, the smile is an index of the mating call.
Charming personalities are great with children. Some people attract the opposite sex. Others attract people of all ages of both sexes. Charm is popular and is adored. Discipline is frowned upon and shunned. The Spirit in life blossoming in a SMILE has the potential of a charming discipline. Critics of Gandhiji come away from a meeting with him exclaiming, "Of course, he is a great man." The Spirit disciplines charmingly. Physical people have an unsmiling face. When they try to smile, they fail or break into a laugh. It subsides as a grin in one who never means to smile. Its tragedy is when the intended smile emerges as a grimace. The mystery of life permits unsmiling goodness too. One may expect that a smile and goodness go together. Life is different.
The hypocrite is capable of a captivating smile. He is the smiling villain. Hypocrisy or villainy, a smile is striking and winning all along. Pretty faces become prettier with a smile. Even to this there is an exception. A very pretty face becomes ugly when a smile comes to it. The physical perfection of beauty has not extended itself to the higher centres of life such as Spirit. Hence the distortion. It is said of Mother that She alone could smile as She did. Some of Her photographs carry that smile of benevolence. A Smile breaks out on the face when the Self-giving of the Spirit is expressed through the expansive self-giving of the body and its energies in the vital.

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