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Token Practice

By Karmayogi

Some people when reading about the Spirit become enthused about availing of it. Knowing that the Spirit is of Himalayan proportions meant only for great souls, one feels intimidated. It is true that it is meant for the great of soul. It is also true that such a wonder has come down to the many now. We see technology giving a similar boon to the common man. Democracy also does it. We may understand this is spiritual technology. I advocate trying this universal principle in a small self-contained act such as a single sale in business, or one case in the court, or with one aspect of treating a patient or one meal in the kitchen or a paper in an exam of several papers. One can select a small act, a single act, self-contained - that which is independent of other things. Follow in this act all the rules of the Spirit, such as silent will, the other man's point of view, soft speech, non-reacting equality, etc. Remembering Mother in every single movement deep enough is inclusive of all these methods. A small cloth shop owner who wanted to teach his salesmen learnt all this. He was selling for Rs 10,000 a day. Seeing the power of these methods, he himself wanted to practise them. The next customer was a lower middle class lady whom he put down as a Rs. 200/- sundry sale. She readily confirmed his assessment. It struck him that he should not assign any limit in his mind. On listening to him, she felt different, gave him a meaningful look and said, "I came for a Rs 200 purchase. I have a Rs 3000 purchase for next month. Now if what I have in mind is available with you..." He went inside and brought out a sari and she said, "This is exactly what I have in mind." She purchased it. Seeing the power of removing one opinion, he concentrated INSIDE for a moment and decided to follow in his inner consciousness all that he knew. She said, "A wedding is impending. I had no plans of purchase just now. Now that you seem to offer everything, I wish to buy all my requirements of Rs 50,000 here this evening." Token acts are successful only when the results are a hundred times or at least ten times higher than usual.

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