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Token Act - Psychological

By Karmayogi

Abundance, plenty, and opulence have many votaries. It is welfare. Others are interested in well-being more than welfare. To them, life is inward and psychological. The rules of welfare and well-being are the same. One is outward and the other is in the inner domain. The same experiment can be recast to suit them. One prerequisite for that is aspiration, a true desire for inner well-being. Such an experiment cannot be started in its absence. Those who have that aspiration can straightaway start it. Others must aspire for aspiration. As an aid, 'Let Thy will be done, not my will' or 'Mother' can be repeated. It can be done without such oral aids, where the aspiration has intensity. The work of the Token Act is to reach that inner point of intensity and remain there forever. For a raw individual uncultured in the art of spirituality, to reach there takes years. Most of us are endowed with a dormant inner light. Orthodox people, pious individuals, God-fearing persons, good souls, and any Indian has that full potentiality buried in him, unless a wave of westernisation has killed that vibration. An attitude of utter Truthfulness at once brings that light to the surface. It acts as Grace of the Spirit and makes possible in days what will otherwise require years. Reach your thought that urges for expression. Don't express it. Try to consecrate it. Again it is a protracted process. Persevere. One in a hundred times or ten occasions it may yield. Then thought moves away, revealing mental energy. Again repeat the consecration. Feelings and the energy behind the feelings reveal. At last sensation and the bodily energies reveal. Reaching the final point, there will be a shower of Spiritual Shanti whose vibration has been growing up till then. It will afford one the taste of inner well-being, as if one is in celestial felicity for a moment. Yoga demands that such a depth be reached in all acts. Mine is a compromise for life. To be able to reach such a spiritual depth in ONE act will be enough for the goal of well-being. Such a well-being is inclusive of all types of welfare.

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