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The English are Wedded to Democracy

By Karmayogi

There is no valid Theory of Creation except what Sri Aurobindo has given to the world. Applying that theory to society, politics, culture, yoga and poetry, He wrote The Human Cycle, The Ideal of Human Unity, The Foundations of Indian Culture and Savitri. Theory of Social Evolution outlined by The Mother?s Service Society is an extension of this theory to social development. As Sri Aurobindo?s knowledge is total, complete, integral and comprehensive, every phenomenon of history, politics, literature, life, etc. must be explained by this theory. Political theorists have come out with theories of how empires grew up and dissolved. Anthropologists are discovering newer facts. Historians have explained why democracies grew in Europe and dictatorships in Asia. More and more facts, laws, theories are being discovered. Sir Arthur Lewis has described what made England initiate the Industrial Revolution. Writing in 1948, Winston Churchill said, ?England is wedded to democracy, but we do not know why?. I do not know whether historians have accounted for it since then. I know the Indian tradition knows the principles behind what Churchill did not know in 1948. The Theory of Social Evolution can explain this phenomenon as well as all the other unexplained historical phenomena. There is a businessman in Madras who is fond of repeating, ?If you have not lost money, you won?t have the business acumen.? Sri Aurobindo says unless a nation has been enslaved by another nation, it cannot conquer other nations. England was long ruled by various European nations. England, who was thus deprived of liberty for a long time, has now become the mother of democracy and a champion of liberty. Thus she has qualified herself to gift liberty and democracy to the world. Suppose someone makes a list of all unexplained phenomena in history, life, literature, and politics, he will be able to find all the answers applying this Theory to those issues, as it is comprehensive. What the Madras businessman knows as practical wisdom has behind it the principle that answers Churchill. The pity is Indians do not know what they have and know. By knowledge of the Indian heritage and by applying it to the requirements of modern life, the Indians can lead the world in Thought and Spirit.

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