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By Karmayogi

God is difficult to reach. It is years of tapas that get one a glimpse of God who gives the tapasvi the boon of moksha. This is only one aspect of God. There is another aspect of God that longs for Man's coming to Him. That aspect is God goes to all places we go ahead of us. It envelops all around and lies in wait for our CALL. Man waiting for God's call is what we know. That is usually known as the CALL. Man does not know HE is after the awakened soul. HE is after Man to awaken his soul. There is one more phenomenon. At long last, when Man grows aware of his spiritual opportunity and calls, God rushes into him like a cyclone, goes on filling him to saturation. HE enters man's mind and thought. HE fuses Himself with his emotions and sensations. HE forces Himself into man's physical consciousness and further his physical substance. Man is in rapture. Man forgets himself in ecstasy. All that happens in a trice. There is one more phase which is yet another phenomenon. God deserts Man. Having enjoyed intolerable ecstasy and unflinching rapture, HE goes away forever, leaving man to long for HIM, even as God once longed for man's attention. There is one difference. First it is moksha. It is a release for one part of man's four parts - the Spirit. Second it is to turn man to God and see the spiritual possibilities. Third, it is for man to become God. Sri Aurobindo played all these tricks on Mother until Mother became the Supreme Herself. In love marriages, it is for the boy to propose. A girl cannot propose or suggest to him to propose! Once the man proposes, even when the girl is very willing, it is not easy for man to get her consent. She gives him anxious hours or days. Once she accepts, both decide NOT to agree with the other on anything however small, thus giving marriage its aspect of having been made in heaven. In that sense, Man and woman play the role of God and man after a fashion. No guru easily gets a disciple of his choice. No seeker meets a GURU who will reveal the inner godhead in the disciple.

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