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By Karmayogi

Lumumba was the Prime Minister of the Congo. One of his main qualifications was that he was a graduate. At that time there were 13 graduates in that country. When Indian Freedom was negotiated, it was noted that the five leaders on the Indian side - Gandhiji, Nehru, Patel, Jinnah and Liaquat Ali were all barristers from the Inner Temple. Apart from other endowments, it is true that English education made them leaders. When we see in a party one leader is outstanding, or a lawyer in the higher courts stands out, or someone is a shining star in the field of education, we often see he is a holder of a PhD from a foreign university. Higher education from a reputed university is a source of efficiency. Fred Smith started Federal Express in 1971 to make overnight parcel delivery possible anywhere in the USA. By 2001, his company touched 20 billion dollars. Not all companies succeed like that. Where does his efficiency come from? He was a marine in the Vietnam War. Discipline in the military, especially the US marines, is an article of faith. It is the marine discipline that made Fred Smith a success. Raja Rao became a celebrated writer in English. He taught in an American university. Radhakrishnan was knighted and was a Fellow at Oxford. He rose high in Indian public life. CP Ramaswamy entered the Viceroys Executive Council at a young age. Behind them all was a spiritual figure or spiritual knowledge. Raja Raos father used to meditate in the temple until 1 pm every day. CP Ramaswamy is the descendent of a famous saint of Tamil Nadu. Radhakrishnan was a scholar in the Vedas and scriptures. A high level of education, military discipline, or spiritual background make ordinary men rise far above their compeers. One who succeeds in invoking the Spirit in his daily life will see the efficiency in life attained by the above mentioned persons is of the surface. They are the shadows of the Spirit or penumbra. Spirit invoked is the Spirit of Life in its fullness, a spiritual fullness in the field of life.

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