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By Karmayogi

It is a truism in life and much more so in Spirit that when we give up our due, the rightful right, what the Spirit considers our desert, will come. I can tell myself I should give up my wrong desire, but it will not work. To give up my desire has always been an impossibility to me. How can I bring myself to give up my right which I deserve? But life demands that of man when it wants to reward him abundantly. In Spirit, that is the first rule. A poor college student was an affectionate member of a rich family as he was a classmate of the son of the family which owned a sizeable company. It was a privilege for the poor boy to mix with his friends family, and for about ten years he was one of them. Particularly an annual feast was this poor boys entire responsibility. It had been customary that the poor boy would be invited to dine there in the feast. It was an ordinary courtesy in any house, especially when it was he who arranged the feast in all its details. The poor boy was talented, charming, and pleasant. Everyone in the family recognised all that. That evoked jealousy in the rich boy who felt the full force of his right to order him about. It was the annual day of the feast. As usual the poor boy had done everything. His friend decided to wreak vengeance on him. His meanness grew perverse. He decided NOT to invite his poor friend for the dinner that day. The poor boy was stung. It began to rankle. Now he had to do all the work but not sit at the table. All eyes were on him. He was covered with shame. It was too much, even for a saint. It was a crucial inner moment for him. He went in and was unable to face the inner misery. He told himself, Mother is great, greater than this meanness. He tried to shift himself from dwelling on this humiliation to the sweet expansiveness of The Divine Mother. Contrary to his experience, until then, there was a great relief; no longer was the offence real. Just at that moment, the mother of his friend called him to her room and said, My husband and I appreciate what you are to the family. From on Thursday, you are a director in our company. My boy may not like it. Keep it confidential.

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