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Accomplishment of Indians Abroad

By Karmayogi

Indira Gandhi was asked in the Indian Parliament, ''Why is it that Indians who flourish in any country do not do so in India?'' The Jews, the Chinese and the Indians are known to prosper wherever they are outside their native lands. The Jews are industrious, passionate about their faith, and extraordinarily intelligent. No wonder they prosper. The Chinese, apart from being industrious in the extreme, are clean to perfection. They are from a subtle civilisation and are loyal to their partners once they forge a partnership. Loyalty, cleanliness and industry are certainly high components of Prosperity. What does the Indian have? None of the above traits is attributed to Indians in a great measure or in any measure. Hospitals in the US where a large number of Indians work as doctors say, ''Indians have a far greater theoretical grasp than practical experience. Perhaps because practical facilities are less available in India.'' That is a contributing reason, but it is true the theoretical knowledge of Indians in any subject is considerable. Indians are mental. The mind is resourceful and thoughtful. He who organises his thoughts will be far more effective than he who is endowed with practical skill or knowledge. His mental abilities arise from his spiritual basis. An Indian and an American visited a French company based in Holland. The American was surprised that with so much of talent, the company was making very little profit. The Indian explained, ''Profits go to Paris, and that is why the Dutch are not enthusiastic.'' The American was surprised by the insight of the Indian. Insight into human motives enables one to organise better. Indians are POTENTIALLY great organisers. In India, the Indian submits to family, social tradition, etc. which prevents him from exercising all his talents. In America, there is no such inhibition. Hence, they prosper. For them to prosper in India, two things are required. 1) They must recognise their inner mental potentialities. 2) They must cast away social inhibitions. The first they are not aware of, the second they are not prepared for. When the Society offers that Freedom and encourages their talents, they will Prosper.

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