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The First Waking Thought

By Karmayogi

People who get up before 6 am will be active throughout the day. They are not unconscious people. When you get up in the morning, if you are tired, it means your sleep was unconscious. If you have been having a big idea as the First Waking Thought, it will come to fruition. If someone who is working as a lower subordinate in a government office sometimes thinks, rather it occurs in his mind on its own, especially as the first thought, that he is an IAS officer, he would become one. Powerful thoughts travelling in the subtle plane enter one's mind and emerge on waking. They will come true.

If there is a nagging problem - delayed wedding at home, oppressive loan, etc. - it may so present itself in the morning. Such problems become more oppressive. A thought that occupies the mind is charged with the mental energy. It grows as it is constituted. This phenomenon was used by me for a long time to solve the problems of devotees. Before going to bed, if one positively dwells on the problem and leaves it to Mother, sometimes it presents itself as the first waking thought. It soon gets solved. The mind's attention energises the problem. Referring it to Mother makes the attention positive. So it gets solved quickly.

A public worker wanting to introduce Prosperity to his village found the Bank Agent presenting himself at 6:30 am to wake him up and inform him that the Chairman of his bank was visiting his village that evening. In a sense, it was the First Waking Act. It was a ticklish project which met with universal resistance. It became a success as no other scheme had done. Its success in the future was indicated by its arrival. There are methods that use the power of mind intelligently. One can coin as many. One need not take that trouble. If one goes about collecting such ideas that are prevalent in the society, one can have a handful.

People who are unable to fall asleep are advised to think of the acts they performed that day since getting up, without missing any small movement. It taxes the memory. Before one passes through an hour of activities in the morning, the mind gets tired and goes to sleep.

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