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Worry is Absence of Faith

By Karmayogi

Man seeks intensity. Whatever offers intensity is popular. The reason why functions such as weddings are popular is because a wedding is the most intense occasion in the life of a family. Occasionally we hear a comment in a wedding, "The parents of the boy act as if it is their own wedding." In weddings where none of the normal problems are present, there emerges an urge to celebrate the occasion, an occasion for intensity. The nature of intensity is such that it is welcome whether the occasion is positive or negative. Worry has a way of offering a keen intensity that is deeply satisfying.

In a substantial bunch of job-seeking friends, the dominant emotion is anxiety. It is a fertile field for wild expectations. Some people will be dejected and harassed. It is an occasion for all negative emotions to surface and find vigorous play. Among these people, there may be one of them who is untouched by the wave of depression. To everyone else, he will be a phenomenon. People will indulge in serious inquiries to know what it is all about. Most will put him down as foolish or insensitive to the dynamic situation. Others may be generous and classify his attitude accordingly. They may say "He is oblivious. That is why he is untouched. Ignorance is bliss. That way he is lucky." What is it that keeps him cool?

Faith is described as the knowledge of the Soul. His soul knows he will get a job. The reflection of that soul's knowledge in his mind is Faith. The presence of such a faith keeps him calm. He gets his job without any effort on his part. When such a faith is absent, MAN still seeks intensity. He begins to worry. His imagination supplies him all possible developments about his future. They are gloomy. It develops in all avenues of life. The imagination is fed non-stop. Frightening pictures arise before his mind's eye. No consolation will have any effect on such a person. The inner life is intense! He gets what he sought for. Life is fulfilled after a fashion. The Truth is he was after intensity and he got it.

Is there help for such a person? Most people will listen to good counsel. When they understand the above truth, gradually their mind will wean itself away from the whirlpool of worry. To those who seek their illusion with ardent obstinacy, there is less hope.

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