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Falsehood Prospers

By Karmayogi

There are people who exclaim, "God is great. He has never left me unprotected. I cannot survive without such divine protection. At the time of inspection, 70 p.c. of my work was unfinished. I would have been undone if the inspecting officers had ever come my way. The point is none of them came to my section." These people go scot-free and they gloat over it. There are others who leave 1 p.c. of their work half finished. Their experience is different. They say, "I don't know what it is. Any inspecting authority never fails to visit my section. He goes straight to the file left unfinished, and every time I am the inescapable victim. It is my fate."

Life is neutral. It progresses through good as well as evil, says Sri Aurobindo. A common saying is that when quarrels end, justice emerges. Good is a shining part, but it is a part. Life is bigger than good or evil. Life is a whole. It needs good as well as evil for it to be complete. If water supply is essential, the sewage system is equally essential. One completes the other. We like the good part, not the bad one. Life will not be complete in the absence of evil or falsehood. That is the character of human life. When it is complete, it ceases to be human life. It becomes higher life. The fine play that is performed on stage is made possible by the green room that is clumsy and disorderly behind, which cannot be exhibited.

The progress of an honest man lies in his honest work being perfect. That is why life picks at his imperfections. If a false man prospers, he prospers in falsehood at its level. Such false people are often enormously successful at a low level of life, such as a vakil's clerk, a lorry broker, etc. His own compeers who have shunned falsehood rise high in life, inconceivable to the low successful man. V. P. Menon, the architect of united India, the right hand man of Sardar Patel, was known as a 'fourth form graduate'. Lord Mounbatten said of him, "Menon has never misled me." He was virtually on the streets and started his life with Rs. 15 lent by a generous unknown man. Such is the progress that is in store for TRUTH. He is meant to progress in truth. If one's being still needs the experience of falsehood, falsehood protects him from being caught. It is a matter of choice. India is passing through a phase where FALSEHOOD rules. Her leaders are keeping India at the 134th level in the scale of national prosperity.

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