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The Power Of The Press

By Karmayogi

Martin Luther's revolt against the Church and the priest was shaped into social power by the printing press. The Church until then prevented the laity from reading the Bible. The newly emerging printing technology put hundreds of thousands of copies of the Bible in the hands of the population.

It was just a matter of time before the age-old Catholic Europe lost half of its population to Protestantism. It is a frequent phenomenon that behind major movements or revolutions there is a JOURNAL, a daily newspaper which has shaped the nation's opinion in its favour.

The daily newspaper, other periodicals, and TV have proliferated in recent times. They are not playing the role of newspapers during the Freedom Movement which fully carried the message of Freedom. India needs her newspapers and other media to fully voice her developmental aspirations.

Newspapers give news; they do not reflect the aspirations of the population for abundant prosperity. Actually what India needs just now more than this is a chain of JOURNALS -- inspired men of wisdom who value the SPIRITUAL tradition of the land, not religious rituals. India is full of wise men of vast experience in modern life.

They know full well that the FUTURE IS NOT FOR RITUALS. If rituals and ceremonies go, spirituality does not vanish, only its superstitious, dead part will vanish.

Spirit is invaluable. Modern life is not something one can escape whether one likes it or not. Original approaches are called for from ripe souls to find a spiritual message for the future generations.

One has to think of modern life in terms of the ancient Spirit with the brilliance of a thousand suns. Life is not to be shunned. The Gita is the jewel of our treasured scriptures.

Its call is for the mature soul to quickly reach moksha. It has no message for the enlightened collective. We need a message for mankind, rather humankind, as to how to live spiritually, not a message to shun life. People all over India are spiritual in their inner core. The hidden spirit struggles to emerge.

Their experiences are educative to the whole of the nation. The Press is POWER. Journals from all corners of India should spring up giving a clarion call to the Spirit and reporting the responses of the Infinite Spirit in finite MAN.

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