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Problem Solving by the Spirit

By Karmayogi

Problems arise and many are solved. Some are not. They are solved by skill, experience, another's help, thoughtfulness, resourcefulness, money, diligence, status, power, prayer and a host of other methods known to the society and available to us. Solving the problem is important.

We do not insist that we must solve it ourselves. When it is solved by one of the above means, our hearts hunger to have it solved by our own efforts. It is a good aspiration that develops Individuality. To aspire to solve it by the invocation of the Spirit develops Spirituality. Solve it we must.

Let us do so by the benevolence of the Spirit. That way we grow in Spirit. Each of the above methods employs its own strategy. Thoughtfulness thinks. Prayer concentrates. Status moves others. Invocation of the Spirit silently evokes. Essentially the method of invoking the Spirit means, mind consents to refer the issue to the Spirit.

It is the experience of most who have sometimes evoked the Spirit successfully that, when a problem arises, the Spirit never comes to the mind. They are unrelated to their inner Spirit. To remember the Spirit when a problem presents is progress for them.

The Spirit acts widely. Your target is fulfilled many times over. It is achieved pleasantly and effortlessly. Absence of labour or effort is one characteristic of the Spirit. When the Spirit is in action, a work of years comes to fruition in months, rarely even in days. Spirit moving into action, apart from acting swiftly, raises your status and achieves by the new status.

It always accomplishes more than intended. Solving a problem through the Spirit has many extra advantages. Seeking the Spirit for any of those advantages is NOT seeking it, but the advantages.

When a work is completed by our own efforts, we should think that it is better to have it done by the Spirit. We can do so the next time or try to re-do the same work inwardly by referring the accomplished result to the Spirit. Solving the problem is essential.

Solving the same by the Spirit is the best course open to us. A problem suddenly transforms itself into an opportunity when the Spirit comes in. One who faced a warrant tried to reach the Chief Minister to escape arrest. The CM liked him so much that they became fast friends.

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