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Positive and Negative

By Karmayogi

Positive events are welcome; negative developments are unwelcome. The definition of positive or negative can vary according to one's level of inner as well as outer development. To secure a seat by recommendation may be welcome to many. To the sensitive, it may be offensive that someone should recommend his case. Bribe as income, though welcomed in certain houses, is negative in cultured homes. Generally GOOD is positive; what is not good is negative. My topic is conversion of the negative into the positive.

A man abuses you. It is negative. How can I change his abuse into praise or at least no abuse. The higher entering the lower changes the negative into the positive. The higher can be a person, a consciousness, an attitude, or an understanding. A policeman calling on you to announce that you are required by his officer is an unwelcome development. On learning that that officer appreciates your service in your factory area, the negative event changes into a positive one. Here it is the information. An MLA's driver in his growing self-importance quarrelled with a VIP and beat him. The VIP was a classmate of the then sitting cabinet Minister. The MLA belonged to the party of the Minister. Compromise efforts landed coveted contracts in the lap of the victim.

There are phenomena that need no explanation. Anxiety, worry, sadness, depression are negative. Spirit can remove them by its force. I consider another possibility here-whether they can be transformed into their opposites of security, cheerfulness, joy, delight. Anxiety is reinforced by our constant dwelling on it. Our energy and attention makes anxiety grow. That being the fact, how can we transform it or get rid of it? In the very depths of our being, one must be sure that by some perverse motivation one does not draw subtle pleasure from these negative emotions. In its absence, one can change it.

Before going to sleep, refer your anxiety to Mother in great detail. Mother entering anxiety changes the character of anxiety. Even the reference will lighten the heart. Pray for its transformation. If you continue to do so, one morning it will present itself as the First Waking Thought. From that day, it will disappear.

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