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Building up India

By Karmayogi

Every country built up its industries in the 19th and 20th centuries. India was a subject nation suffering from cancer. Now, fifty years after Independence, the problem still remains. Why, are Indians incapable? Is it an impossible task? How many African countries do not enjoy an income of $3000 or above per capita? Why not India? Is it because of her vast population? If so, China is far ahead of us even under the communist regime. My answer will be essentially, we Indians are not aware of our economic and social potentials. I am not considering the spiritual potentials.

Of course, there are many people who think, 'Unless billions come from USA, it is not possible for India to rise'. This may be real in their minds. But there is no substance here. Has any country built up another country? Why then, do some expect something so non-existent? People who think like that must realise that if India is to be built up, it must be by the Indians. This is not only true of India, but it is the ONLY truth about nation building. Britain was here for two hundred years, and built railways, factories, roads, etc. All was for their profit. How can we expect Britain to work for Indian benefit? Free nations during the same period grew in prosperity, by their own toil.

This is not a topic for my column of 400 words. Planners should look at it from fifteen to twenty points of view and see the possibility or desirability. I can say two things with certainty before I list my points of view: 1. India can become as prosperous as Middle Income countries in a decade or two; 2. It has to be done only by Indians and Indian resources. All the money for any ambitious project is here inside the country. Maybe India need not pass through agriculture prosperity in the same measure as others, but she can straightaway enter prosperity though the service sector. We need to be clear in our own minds about charity from outside. It will not work at all. It has not worked anywhere. We can borrow technology, organisation, expertise, and invite capital, not AID. Aid has not aided any nation. If anything, it has done greater harm than good. India should elect a leadership that will serve the country without concentrating on their own personal welfare. I wish the nation opens up a public debate on this.

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