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Good Will Towards the Spirit

By Karmayogi

Man acts from his feelings - the vital. He can act from the Mind, but except when he has to think on purely mental ideas like geometry, he acts from the feelings of the Mind itself. Mother says Perfection and imperfection are coexistent. The moment we see Perfection fully, the imperfection disappears. She says the same thing about Truth and Falsehood. Mother says the atmosphere of the earth has changed. The atmosphere of the earth is Nature for us. Life that includes animals and plants is part of Nature. We are part of society, which is organised humanity.

Before the war, life was difficult. One could not survive. Except for those who got a job in the government, others' survival was a big question. To survive was like pulling teeth. Life acted as if it enjoyed thwarting our efforts. That was why they called life evil. The call was given to give up life. Mother says that life has now changed. For a small GOOD act, life gives you a very big award. It is a radical change in life. We now see it in the lives of so many people. They rise meteorically. She also says for a small slip, one crashes down.

For a Tamil conference in Pondicherry in 1974 some eminent Tamil scholars came. Those were the days when scholarship in Tamil was rewarded with eminence in the field of Tamil, not with material rewards. They were invited to a spiritual centre. One scholar was a master in his own field, but had no academic degree. The other had a Ph.D. in Tamil and was a professor in a newly started college. At the Centre they were introduced to a former student of that college who had not been a Tamil student. The professor strained to see whether he could remotely recognise that student, though he had studied 24 years earlier. As the student was well known during his college days, the professor showed signs of recognition and pleasure at recognition. It was a pleasant act of good will towards one in Spirit. A little later, the Tamil professor was appointed as Vice-Chancellor of a recently founded university, a rare recognition to Tamil scholarship in those days. To the student who had evoked the GOODWILL in the professor, it was a confirmation of Mother's statement: ''A small, good act brings a great good reward.''

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