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Marriage is Essential

By Karmayogi

Biologically, almost everyone needs marriage. For the woman, the birth of a child is more important than wedding or marriage or even the husband. Man is fulfilled in his children, but he seeks his fulfillment in the wife. Man longs for the approval of his wife. To him there is nothing more valuable than the adoration of his wife. Apart from the above biological, psychological truths, marriage has become a minimum necessity for social survival. The married man enjoys in the society a status which is not accorded to the one who remains unmarried. A bachelor at the age of 40 may not find it easy to get a room for rent. Unmarried women are rare. Society disregards them. Everyone hastens to marry as soon as education is over.

Nothing compels parents to earn and save as the wedding of their children. Whether they will have the same motivation to acquire higher levels of prosperity is a question. As soon as the last child of the family is married off, we witness the parents level off in their efforts to seek fresh opportunities. Marriage is a greater spur to earning than the goal of wealth or money. In the West, boys or girls are expected to find their own partners and marry. In most cases, the parents receive the information. Here in India, the whole responsibility of finding the boy or girl as well as the funds needed is on the parents. As soon as the marriage is over, the parents, as well as children, give up further efforts to earn.

Achievement is a goal in the West, not so much in India. To own lands was a grand achievement in the villages before the war. It still remains one of the aims. Do Indian youth have such a goal? If one is there, it is not fully defined. As land was a goal in rural India, and marriage is a duty to people, I wish high Prosperity should be placed before the youth as an indispensable GOAL. If there is a product which is prohibitively expensive and that becomes essential in the eyes of the society just as marriage is today, everyone will gravitate towards it. It will make India rich, wealthy and prosperous.

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