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Wealth Lies in Self-Employment

By Karmayogi

It was the sannyasi who discovered God, not the householder. The three stages of domestic life prepared one for sannyasa. One who gives up the family life discovers the riches of the Spirit, not one who enjoys the security of domestic joys.

Wealth lies in self-employment, not in salaried jobs. All the talents of India have gravitated to the security of salaried jobs in the government where the present as well as the future is secure. Security banishes the accomplishment of the entrepreneur, the self-employed adventurer. The majority of people who have started an industry on their own have become bankrupt because they are driven by ambition and are not endowed with the capacities for organisation.

India has extraordinary talents. But talent is timid. Prosperity involves risk. Our people are security conscious. They avoid risk. Adventure is of the Spirit. Security is physical. Bodily labour and physical skill receive the least reward. The higher rewards are reserved for the Spirit. Is it possible to combine the advantages of the Spirit and the higher rewards of life? For that one must move to the evolving soul in life, the Psychic Being. The higher values of the Spirit, viz. Truthfulness, Honesty, etc. expressed in daily life avoid the risks of venture and offer unfailing success. That way, self-employment removes failure and offers secure wealth. Looking around, one sees corruption everywhere. No small work can be accomplished without corrupt practices. How can anyone think of being utterly true?

Great wealth is SPIRITUAL PROSPERITY when it is pure. This is apparently a contradiction in terms. Ordinarily, wealth is acquired, like political power, by dubious methods. Pure wealth is an oxymoron, an inherent contradiction in conception. Moving to the Spirit and relying on Mother removes the contradiction. If you decide not to lie, Mother says, you will not be given the occasion to lie. When you resort to lying, seeking refuge in Falsehood, Mother cannot help you or bless you with infinite accomplishment which is endless Prosperity. Great results demand Great Disciplines. Man's part is utter truthfulness.

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