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The Different Aspects of Spiritual Power

By Karmayogi

Spirit is Power. It has more power than Mind or Body. We call the power of Spirit miraculous. As long as we are not in the plane of the Spirit, its power looks like a miracle to us. In its own plane, the character of being miraculous disappears. Miracle is the observation of events in one plane of the play of forces from another plane. For one who has not heard of a camera or seen a photograph, photography is a miracle. It is not so to us who know what it is and how it works.

In society we know members at its top wield far greater power than those at the bottom. Members of royalty, clergy, political leadership, aristocracy, etc. have thus enjoyed such social power. Rishis, swamis, and sannyasis have enjoyed significant social power at all times. Those who successfully invoke the Spirit will come under that aura of spiritual power. The members of society around them will perceive such a power positively as well as negatively but its impression is not lasting. In a fruit shop to which one who invoked the Spirit often went, the shop owner used to offer him a seat inside and attend on other customers for a long while. Seeing the impatience of the devotee, the fruit merchant smiled, ‘‘You never come alone. You always ‘bring' a dozen customers. Therefore, I wish you to wait.'' The subtle perception of the Indians never misses the luck brought to them. This is the positive effect.

Shop owners are often rough and greedy. They happen to exhibit their greed or rudeness sometimes to people who 'live' in the Spirit. They lose their profits, and sometimes close shop. Occasionally people differ from spiritual persons. There are times when this difference develops into a dispute or contention. They lose far more than others. Nor are they aware of the cause. Such things also happen within the family. The wife teases the husband; the husband tyrannizes the wife when they take to the Spirit, not knowing how much the family loses. The husband never realizes that his great fall in the office is because of his negative attitude to his wife. The wife refuses to see that all her tragedies are due to her opposition to the husband who lives in the Spirit.

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