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The Causal Plane

By Karmayogi

The supramental plane is the causal plane where the law of cause and effect finds a play. It is the plane where Brahman dwells. It is the plane of pure spirit. The causal inversion is far more drastic than the subtle inversion. It comes positively as well as negatively. In both cases the outcome is more than marvelous. Swami Ramalinga lived in Vadalur which was in his time a little village. In his letters Sri Aurobindo speaks of stray individuals reaching Supermind and said, ‘‘One such was living in these parts.'' It was a reference to Sri Ramalinga Swami. The Supermind belongs to the causal plane. Before 1870 the Swami said, ‘‘Vadalur will become Cuddalore.'' In the fifties the words of the Swami became more than true. As an adjunct of Neyveli, Vadalur in 1960 had more industries than Cuddalore.

Greek philosophers spoke of war as a great benefactor. The great boon to the world that lies behind the erupting of the war is not seen by us. It lies in the causal plane.
Western Europewas ushered into unbelievable prosperity when she recovered from the ravages of the world war. A report of UNDP says that the world made as much progress in the fifty years of the post war period as she had done in the previous 500 years. No one sees it. Had the world been told about the great progress after the war, I am sure the world would have refused the war!

India had her freedom after the war without suffering from the catastrophe of the war. Winston Churchill writes, ‘‘No great portion of the world population was so effectively protected from the horrors of World War II as were the peoples of Hindustan.'' Not only did Indiareceive her Freedom without a bloody revolution, but she was protected from the horrors of the war. It was in store in the causal plane even in 1910 when God told Sri Aurobindo through His inner voice that Indiawas free. The causal plane is the plane of the Marvels of the Spirit. As it is, man is unable to see it. When it gravitates towards him, the inversion it suffers is horrible and intolerable. Even the divine gift of Freedom was not unsullied by the communal carnage which too was in store in the causal and subtle planes. Values take us to the subtle plane. Worship of the Inner Divine, the Spirit, the inmost entity, Brahman, takes us to the causal plane.

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