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God Proposes; Man Disposes

By Karmayogi

The title is an inversion of the English proverb. Since 1956 when the Force descended on earth, God seeking Man more than Man seeking God has become a greater reality. We see no God, we see only how prosperous we are. Prosperity is the God for the householder. The Force came down on earth in 1956 but began to act through the governments in 1967. From then onwards its action is more and more pronounced. Just now Man is surrounded by a plethora of social opportunities. Psychologically it is greater.

A clerk in a bank 10 years ago resigned his job and ventured on his own. His wife saw the wave of incoming prosperity more than he did. She took to Mother. The man is hardworking and resourceful. His business witnessed an expansion no one could conceive of. Almost by chance the wife took to service and excelled in it. The expanded business further expanded. This was not an opportunity during the 40's or 50's. It appeared in the 60's. No one took notice of it. Now, it is very prominent in the market. This clerk took advantage of it. How many others have refused such an opportunity or are unaware of it. God proposes that Man should prosper. Man refuses to respond to God's proposal.

Insurance is God given. It is true that insurance is more popular today than before. Here is a scheme that is willing to offset one's misfortunes. Not all avail of the scheme unless law compels. God continues to propose to Man in newer ways. Man responds to a small part of it. There is a proverb in Tamil, ‘‘There is a desire to be a Tahsildar, but your destiny is to be a donkey herd.'' This was a proverb when the Tashildar was received with nadaswaram in the villages. After the descent of the Supramental Force, I feel like rewriting the proverb as, ‘‘You have the LUCK to be a Tashildar, but you desire to tend a herd of donkeys.'' The middle class man has not availed of even 10 % of the social opportunities. Should he do so, he will move to the upper level of the upper middle class. There are scores of examples all around. Let us be inspired by them.

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