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The Great Indian Dream

By Karmayogi

Mr. Arindam Chaudhuri and Mr. Malay Chandhuri have published a book entitled The Great Indian Dream. In it they voice their inspired vision of India in the near future.These are patriotic young men passionately voicing their vision of future India. Their studies are well documented. Not only do they demand progress, but they outline a plan of their own. It is worth full consideration. In their publication I see the tip of the emerging Spirit of India.

Two of the authors' ideas are rewarding. One is that their scheme for future Indian Prosperity is based on self-reliance and not foreign aid. The second is that, in spite of being young, they see the cultural trap into which the youth are falling. They are highly educated, have travelled far and wide, and are sophisticated in the best sense. Still they have not become a victim of the present life-style. They value values. Their values are Indian. They are spiritual values. They cherish the home and its psychological security. The youth of the West have destroyed the family in their zeal for freedom. They have freed themselves from the family too!

To conceive that
India can equal USA in 2025, one needs a daring vision. Answering the common question of how, they explain the stages through which Indianeeds to be taken to reach the goal. The altar at which all good schemes are sacrificed is finance. Here too they come out with ideas to generate the colossal amounts of money needed for the transformation. All the MONEY Indianeeds for abolishing poverty is there in India. All the Ideas that can make Indiaprosperous are there in India. What is surprising is they are found in multiple forms and multiple quantities. India needs a leadership that is passionate about her future. The Chaudhuris represent that future leadership. Their vision is of enthusiastic imagination but well documented and well argued for their rationality. The authors are the tip of the iceberg. Fifty percent of the population that is youth carries in it a dynamo of energy. They can make India wealthy.

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