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Psychic Sadness

By Karmayogi

In a respectable family sometimes children take to the ways of loafers. Parents are sad. They are sad that the children are unable to appreciate the status, reputation, culture, and value of the family. It all can be lost by one act of indiscretion, one single attitude of mercenary motive. What is lost is lost and can never be restored, at least never be restored in its original magnificence. Sri Aurobindo came to the world to usher human life into the Marvel of Supramental Splendour. He saw He was not understood. People who came to follow Him cherished the values of the tradition. They were not receptive. They moved away. HE was sad all His life. It was Psychic Sadness.

Psychic Sadness has several versions. Napoleon conquered the whole of
Europe. He could not conquer Russia. He retreated. Coming back, he set out to consolidate the political gains of the French Revolution into legal, administrative reforms so that they might turn into social gains. He did it. The entire Europebenefited from that. It stands there till today. Then he moved away from his aim, became a megalomaniac, made himself an emperor, desired to create a dynasty. His evolutionary period was over. He became a Rakshasa. Now Napoleon had to be destroyed. God gave that duty to Russia, Germany and England, says Sri Aurobindo. Wellington at Waterlooand Nelson at Trafalgar defeated the French. Napoleon retired to St. Helena. The world knows of Napoleon. Wellington is remembered in England as the famous General who defeated Napoleon.

News of Napoleon's death was received by
Wellingtonwith sadness. God was there in Napoleon to give Freedom to the world. The man in Napoleon arose after he accomplished his mission. It was assigned to Wellington to destroy the Rakshasa in Napoleon. He did it successfully. But Wellingtonwas sad when Napoleon died, as he too was aware of the God in Napoleon. The Spirit and Nature - ego are found mixed in us. It is not easy to separate them. To do so is a greater spiritual endeavour than tapas.

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