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December 28, 1928

By Karmayogi

Prayers and Meditations is a book in which Mother's prayers mostly written when She was in Japan are published. A devotee once said that of all the hundreds of publications of the Ashram, two books stood out. They are The Mother written by Sri Aurobindo and Prayers and Meditations written by The Mother. The Prayers were all written in French. Sri Aurobindo, who loved French as much as English, selected several of these Prayers and translated them into English. Thus these translated portions are twice blessed. Mother was an adept in occultism. In one of these prayers She speaks of coming out of the body successively twelve times. In that final state She saw a sun above Her head and a Moon above the Sun.

In the Prayer written on
December 28, 1928, The Mother speaks about the Power, Joy, Knowledge, Peace, Happiness, Light, Bliss, and Love that flow from the Divine Grace. We know of Joy issuing out of success. The JOY issuing out of the Divine Grace cannot be understood as a higher version of what we know, anymore than conceiving of Delhi as a bigger version of a village. Human joy is the opposite of sorrow. When children laugh very much, elders used to warn them not to do so because it would later lead them to equal sorrow. The character of human joy is that it has a counterpart of sorrow.

The divine Joy is unalloyed, unsullied. It is Self-existent. It does not need the balancing factor of its opposite sorrow. Mother explains that the divine light is one that no wisdom can possess. No philosophy on earth can give divine knowledge. Our enjoyment comes out of the satisfaction of our desire. The divine Bliss cannot be matched by any enjoyment man knows. In fact, that Bliss Ananda - arises when all desires are dead. About Spiritual Peace, Mother says it is not attainable even in death. Man's quest for Love is eternal. He seeks it in the relationship with a woman. The thirst for divine Love, Mother says, cannot be appeased by any human relationship.

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