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Where the Spirit is Helpless!

By Karmayogi

Many people have successfully invoked the Spirit and have seen it in action. The government is too formidable for an ordinary citizen to face as an opposite party in the court. When the government chooses to acquire the only property on which a humble man pins his hope, it is exercising its right. There is no law that the government is contravening.

Nor is the party permitted to plead for mercy since many can plead so. The Spirit intervenes by a telegram from the higher-ups of the government and restores the humble man his only hope. When a high placed official is falsely accused of corruption, the Spirit he relies on intervenes on his behalf, without his knowledge, and proves to the central Finance Minister that he was the only one incorruptible.

I am not going to recount the earlier examples in support of my argument. In a family that was very well off, owning a car and two houses thirty years ago, misfortune reared its head. All was lost. Fortunately there was one earning member. Maybe he had half-fed the family but could not pay off the unpaid debts. Life was hell. Education of children entered that phase when it becomes expensive. Following education comes wedding. Not one, more than one. Close on the heels of these heavy catastrophes and heavier responsibilities came Mother. The unbearable became painfully bearable. Every impossibility, on referring to Her, became a possibility. The family that was to be on the streets remained in the house. Problems were over. But, responsibilities remained.

SHE came in, and shifted the responsibilities to other shoulders. The unexpected happened. It added a pleasant surprise each time. Every positive aspect multiplied. The non-devotee who had unleashed all this misfortune on their heads now lamented and moaned that his prestige was lost. The Spirit can solve insoluble problems or remove hurdles, but it is incapable of demanding gratitude from an ego that is sensitive. God is helpless. The Spirit is rendered incapable when it comes to asking for gratitude from a human heart. The human heart forgets the Spirit, is not aware of the fact that it is ungrateful. It abuses everyone, hurts the hand that feeds it. God, the Spirit, the Psychic Being all simply wait for the devotee to grow grateful.

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