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‘After all, I am a Useless Person'

By Karmayogi

It is true that some people are talented and others are not. There are boys who strive very hard year after year to reach the first rank in vain. Sometimes they come close to their goal and miss it.

Occasionally when they are declared first, it is reversed a little later, for one reason or another, valid or invalid. It is at such times they declare, ‘‘I am star crossed.'' ‘‘It is not for me.''

‘‘The very gods are against me.'' All these experiences are true in life. Theoretically they are not true. Spiritual theory, if I may say so, declares this is not true. It is also the experience of a rare few that useless persons are not really useless. They can become useful, achieve, accomplish, if they choose. Anyway, the experience of the world is not encouraging.

It is not true on two accounts. One is the Force that has come down makes what was previously impossible, possible now. On closer analysis, one becomes useless because he loves the present circumstances and is unwilling to change his attitude. It is a question of willingness, not one of uselessness. I have written about a boy who had no self-confidence in passing the exam standing first in the class, and the poorest of villages becoming the richest pocket of wealth. People become useless when they are determined to repeat their earlier errors with a vengeance. There are people who cannot refrain from a certain unwanted temperament - ridiculing, suspecting, attributing motives to others, lying, etc. One becomes what he is by his temperament. Temperament is not difficult to change.

Instead of declaring, ‘‘I am useless'', they can announce to the world or to themselves, ‘‘I enjoy being angry. I do not want to part with it. Being angry is more important to me than rising in life.''

That will be a truer representation of their psychological status. We also see that on occasion such people put out their charm instead of anger. It is not as if it is a really impossible feat for them. If they choose, they can be sweet also. For many it is anger.

For others it is stinginess, hurry, non-stop talking, acting without thinking, clumsiness, loud voice, desire, demand, envy, doubt, suspicion, inertia, stupidity, opinion, thought, preference, etc. The Bhagavat Gita says that Man can become what he aspires for.

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