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The Various Strengths of Human Nature

By Karmayogi

Science is making great strides. In biology they now know the origin of the hair colour, the length of the fingers or strength of any part of our body. In various degrees they are working to achieve mastery in those areas.

Psychologically, there are temperamental strengths, talent for work, capacity for organisation, mental strengths of comprehension and particularly those of the imagination. By the birthplace, caste, community, family, period of the century, social environment, and commercial placement one is already endowed in his blood the very genes - with various strengths. They are there to be drawn upon readily, like our mother tongue disused for several years when we are in a foreign land.

The Chettiar community has an inbuilt capacity to manage money. They are able managers. The native intelligence of the Brahmins excels others. The members of the Kshatriya community have a native courage. The Bengali is emotional, the Maharashtrian is philosophical, the Gurkha is a fighter, the Sikhs have earned a name as brave soldiers.

When we are working in an office or in a factory, or managing an enterprise, we are caught up with the problems on hand. Rarely do we think of our community. The idea that one is Malayalee or Tamilian never crosses our mind while in our native place. While outside we constantly think of it. It is one of the reasons why people who go out are more successful. Any talent yields only a small dividend when we are indifferent to it.

When people whose business is not breaking even or who are making small profits remind themselves of their family tradition, strength of caste, or endowment from their nationality, they will find themselves energised. It will help them convert their losses into profits or double their profits, if they are already making small profits.

Such a person can do better. He can remind himself that he is an Indian with the light of the Spirit in his body. Let him exercise his mind to bring that spiritual light into his work. It is done by values. Should he realise the value of values and endeavour to express them in his work, he will no longer bring up the rear. He will soar high. To know what his native capacities are and how they can be utilised in his work is to become very highly efficient.

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