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A Bi-Monthly Magazine for Spirituality

By Karmayogi

Suresh Menon, a journalist from Thrissur who had a spiritual vision, has started a magazine called Spirituality and Prosperity. As it was a long felt desire of mine, I have endorsed his effort in all possible ways. Behind great movements such as the Indian Freedom Movement or the French Revolution there lies an inspiring Idea. A magazine is a powerful tool to deliver that IDEA to the cream of the population. The Divine Mother started ARYA in 1914 as a vehicle for the Supramental Manifestation.

India is a land of Rishis. Her sons carry the spiritual light in their bodies. The light is there in the very depths of being; but life is dry and poor. Indeed all Prosperity is a version of the Spirit. But the Spirit systematically expressed in life will be PROSPERITY of the divine life. The West is prosperous. Western prosperity is there because they have discovered Brahman in Matter. Their science is lifeless and produces negative side effects and strengthens the Forces of violence of all descriptions. My view is to discover Brahman in Life so that Life will turn into LUCK, into one of unfailing success. This MAGAZINE will aim at reporting in detail the experiences of believers who believe in the Spirit in life. Life in the cities shows signs of initial prosperity. There are many who are honest to the core, who have accepted honest ways as a discipline. They prosper more than others. Our magazine will write about them or invite them to write.

The central mission of the magazine is to explain HOW Spirituality can be expressed in daily life through explanations and examples. It invites readers to write articles about such experiences of theirs. Four American writers, a research scholar of the Mother's Service Society, and software engineers have agreed to contribute regularly. The first issue is available on request from Suresh Menon ( Dit e-mailadres is beschermd tegen spambots. U heeft Javascript nodig om het te kunnen zien. ) or from The Mother's Service Society. For the Indian Spirit to emerge freely, Sri Aurobindo said, she must be FREE. When she became Free, HE said, she must be reunited with
Pakistan. Her Spirit, which is destined to be the GURU of the world, cannot play her true role as long as she is poor. She must become PROSPEROUS, not only materially, but her Prosperity must be Spiritual. It must come to her spiritually. All Prosperity is Spiritual. Let us discover that Spirituality is Prosperity.

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