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The Successive Coils of Personality

By Karmayogi

CHENNAI: An information by itself is of small value. One who has experience receiving an additional information has the capacity to give a greater value to that information. We often are sorry that the rich becomes richer.

The rich are more organised and are capable of benefiting more from a fresh opportunity. For one who has an opinion already, an additional information becomes far more valuable.

Music can be better appreciated by lovers of music than by laymen. Information, opinion, attitude, motive are graded instruments of Personality. So the argument is the greater the opinion, attitude, and motive are, the greater is the ability of Personality to benefit by new information, fresh energy or greater physical strength.

The family, the school, the wider society all feed the Personality with which the boy is born.

The school gives education. It can give better education or give the same education by a better method. Family gives the boy survival values. School gives academic values. Also the school trains the boy in social values. When he is an adult, the society in which he lives gives him career values. In whichever school he studies, in whatever superior society he lives, however cultured his family is, what he receives from any of them is limited by the amplitude of his personality. A school of great ideals can upgrade a pupils personality too. Spirit emerging in ones life can raise the organisation of ones personality, which means it will be raised in quality or standard. Spirit does it naturally. Rather the Spirit cannot but do it.

Families and schools can take to it - to raise the level of the childs Personality. In a school experienced educationists can even devise a curriculum and a syllabus that consciously aims at this goal. At home, culturally sensitive parents of high education can very well attempt it. The first rule of raising the Personality is NOT to try to give it to the child. It has to be done at the level of information, knowledge, skill, capacity and especially values. That parent who is endowed with all this will naturally pass it on to the child. But the passing on is the strategy of strategies. Their peak is utter Freedom to the child in all avenues of life. It will be a great project of ones life, if any parent or school attempts it, to participate with their endeavour. Gandhiji followed that method when he made men picking them out of the dust.
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