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A Movement for India

By Karmayogi

The divine Mother has said that this is the hour when man will be vastly rewarded for a tiny effort, as this is the Hour of God. She also said that a small error equally brings a great loss. The atmosphere of the earth is no longer what it was but has become Spiritual. Penderel Moon, an ICS officer in 1947, perceived this truth in his administrative fashion and pronounced then that the human slaughter could have been largely avoided by a timely right action. In his own jurisdiction he did so. That was an opportunity to avoid catastrophes. Now is the occasion to raise the entire nation far more than what the government can do or is doing.

Vinay Rai is a dynamic idealist. His idealism touches more than one field. He recently decided that India needs not so much engineers but entrepreneurs who are engineers. He started an engineering college in Delhi so that the graduates from there will stand on their own legs. A parent raised the question of government recognition. He told him, ?This is not the place for those who rely on anyone else or anything else, much less the government.? He has founded a chain of educational institutions. In a recent conference on technology a speaker said India is producing 5000 PhDs. Foreign companies are looking to invest heavily here in R&D and 25,000 PhDs are needed to meet the requirement. Another man in Delhi has buried a computer in a wall so that street children can learn computer. He found that without instructions, illiterate children learn to operate the computer faster.

Arindam Chaudhuri speaks of India catching up with the US level of prosperity in 2025. Maybe there are a great many sporadic individual successful efforts at releasing the energies of the nation. It would be highly desirable to coordinate all such efforts and centralize them. We presented the idea of a National Prosperity Movement to Abdul Kalam. Such a centralized leadership is best fitted to call for a Prosperity Movement which seems to be already afoot on its own The distance between the unorganised enthusiasm and organised constructive work is not a gap but a gulf. This certainly is the Hour of India where a small right effort can yield vast desirable efforts. India is awake or trying to awake below the surface. She can emerge as an emerging leader of Asian nations.

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