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The Power of Low Consciousness

By Karmayogi

I have referred to a water diviner more than once. As he had a versatile personality with many facets, each time I dwell on one of them.

The endowment he had was a subconscious sensation. His subconscious responded to a movement of water underground. That vibration makes a neem twig - a forked one - in his hand move, denoting the presence of water underground.

Once he was invited by an admirer of his to discover streams of water underground. His admirer had a few rich friends living in the same neighbourhood. As agreed, the water diviner and the customer met at the bus stand. The water diviner was a snob, in spite of his external spiritual life.

The water diviner was more interested in demonstrating his skill to the rich friends of his customer than discovering the spots where wells were to be dug. Those rich people, in spite of innate goodness, were people given to dissipation, one expression of low consciousness.

The water diviner insisted with his customer on bringing his rich friends. His customer complied with the desire so insistently expressed. Sometime earlier the two of them had walked over the spots intended for the wells, and streams were located. The present visit was only to confirm and precisely peg mark the locations.

All the members of the team reached the spot, the water diviner armed with a neem twig. Standing right over the spot of the stream, the twig of the diviner did not move. To test the fact, the diviner went to a nearby well and tried. His twig did not move. What happened? Had he lost his water divining endowment temporarily, or was it a permanent loss? What the diviner did not know is the low consciousness of those rich men had cancelled a life-long endowment which was his bread winner.

The customer was a devotee of the Spirit. He retired to another spot and prayed. Out of the blue, two government officers came and took away the rich men. The diviner was lost. The customer gently suggested to the diviner to pray and moved to the intended spot again.

The twig moved vigorously. The stream underground was located and the diviner regained his lost tool. The higher consciousness is capable of restoring a lost subconscious endowment even as low consciousness can destroy it. In spite of the tragic loss and miraculous recovery of his ability, the veneration of the diviner for the very same people who destroyed it did not grow less. In fact, it grew more.

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