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Success is Determined, Organised Effort

By Karmayogi

When democracy was ushered into national life, a great many hearts aspired for the crown. When aspiration rises as ambition, it still retains the fire. It is fire that knows no dying. There are others who have not worked for one full day. Hard work is anathema to them.

Their undying aspiration for the unattainable - maybe it is empty unpardonable ambition - has a meaning. It is the subtle imaginary extension in unformed people of the real aspiration of those who are going to reach the goal. For one man to get the gold medal in the Olympics, the activity goes on all over the world. Because so many aspire, one achieves.

Socially questionable people who do not pay their taxes avail of every loophole in the social fabric. They are determined and organised. Some of them have a photographic memory. Every one of them is dynamic. Most of them are ruthless. All of them are focused. They are not my interest. My theme is determination coupled with organisation accomplishes. I dwell only on achievement by truth, values, and goodness.

As I exclude dishonesty, so I exclude laziness of all varieties. One type that is dangerous to deal with is found in those who are really dynamic but never choose to work for their organisation. Instead, they pretend to be most efficient and often pronounce that they are the most useful members in the organisation. They are the overgrowth of the organisation. To their own personal interest, they are venomous. They are the adepts of every kind of deceit.

We see in life a boy who struggled to pass SSLC standing first in the university, receiving a PhD from abroad just by HARD work. Such hard work needs determination. A rice mill owner rising high enough to purchase a textile mill is no ordinary achievement. Suppose there is a book about such people, it will be of great use to others. Accomplishment needs industry, organisation. This flows out of determination.

It does not need intelligence, status, money, luck, influence, etc. though it can use all these with advantage. People with inferiority complexes grow dynamic, achieve early in life, build an empire of a few hundred crores. That complex urges them to achieve. What is common to all achievers is industry, unfailing hard work. It is indispensable. The lazy man's dream, the hypocrite's ambition will remain dreams. Often it rewards them with the opposite of what they dreamt of all their lives.

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