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Business Week on India

By Karmayogi

The Britisher came to India for spices and established an Empire. This is not a century when powerful nations can look for colonies. Nixon befriended Communist China because he wanted to open the Chinese market to USA. Business looks for market. In pursuit of it they will go anywhere.

The studies done by McKinsey have more information about the market potential of
India than any government department. Recently the chairman of Unilever said that India will soon be on the MOVE, as she has developed self-confidence. A 22-year old software engineer in Bangalore, for different reasons, says they will soon abolish poverty in India.

People below 40 or even 50 are born on FREE Indian soil. They know no slavery as the earlier generation did. They are more educated than the earlier generations. Education develops self-respect as well as self-confidence. Many of them are in the fast moving field of software technology.

Business Week sees the brainpower of
Indiaplaying a positive role in USbusiness. Chinamade manufactured goods on the American market cheap and made the American business competitive. Should the USAhandle this transition brought about by the brainpower of India, Business Week says, India about whom no one cared 15 years earlier has a good chance of becoming a major economic partner of USA in business. If this had been a revelation to an Indian organization, it would be a matter for congratulations.

Brainpower is the distant shadow of the emerging power of Indian Spirituality. While Western nations have only 2% or 4% of their population in agriculture,
India has 60%. It does not matter. If the younger generation can take to education and modern technology such as Internet, Indiacan be straightway ushered into Prosperity bypassing the agricultural phase and partly even the economics of manufacture.

The planners are fifty years behind in thinking. Society is awake. It is enough the government does not create obstacles. The social, economic awakening is there. If organised, the world can witness spiritual prosperity overtaking conventional economic theses.

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