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How Men Sometimes Receive Grace

By Karmayogi

Bernie, a homeless man in USA whose wife had left him, had a 10 year old son who was very fond of his father. He drove in an old car, lived on pick-pocketing and was once arrested. After getting released on bail, one day his car got stuck and a plane crashed nearby. Bernie, though homeless and a pilferer, had a warm human heart. The escape door in the plane could not be opened from inside. There was a hue and cry from the passengers. Bernie opened the door with great difficulty so some could get out. Others remained trapped until he helped them escape too. Among them was a lady reporter trapped under a seat. After saving her, Bernie stole her credit cards.

Most of the people were rescued just before the Fire Service arrived and the plane exploded. Without reflecting on his humanitarian act, Bernie hitch-hiked from the crash scene. He narrated his story to another homeless person, John. A few days later, Bernie was again arrested. As soon as the passengers came out of the hospital, they looked for the hero who had saved them.A million dollar award was announced if the hero of the crash would step forward and identify himself. Bernie never cared about what he had done. The other homeless man, John, a Vietnam war veteran, was truly a war hero who had saved many of his fellow soldiers years ago. He now decided to claim the award. He became a celebrity. But after he had become famous, he had compunctions about being a fake. This conflict led him to think of jumping off a high building. In the meantime, Bernie came out of jail on bail. He heard about John's attempted suicide and rushed to the scene. John was poised on the window ledge. John asked Bernie to take over the award, as it was really his. Bernie was overwhelmed by the fanfare of publicity and asked John to continue his impersonation. He made a deal with John. All that he wanted was an allowance for his maintenance and his son's education.

Life rewards even thieves for the GOOD they are capable of. They often miss it and rarely enjoy it. Grace recognizes in us what the world does not and rewards it. Mostly it goes to the persons around us. I know at least five persons who missed the vice-chancellorships thrust on them and who 'passed' it on to the man nearby.

Grace gives more than we can receive and possess.

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